Tear-Aid - Type A (standard) - 7,6cm bred - selges per cm reparasjons tape

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Tear-Aid Type A (standard) 7,6cm 1,5m reparasjons tape

Andre varianter:

Magisk reperasjons tape som fikser det meste på et øyeblikk! Obligatorisk på tur.



TEAR-AID® Repair Patches Commercial For Fabric and Vinyl Repairs from TEAR-AID® Repair Patches on Vimeo.


HOLDS AIR & WATER under pressure even when stretched SEE-THRU PATCH works with all colors INSTANT ADHESION with no sewing CONFORMS to irregular surfaces WON’T TURN GUMMY in high heat UV RESISTANT inhibits yellowing for years CUTS EASILY to any size with scissors NO GLUE TUBES no mess liquid adhesives to apply ELASTIC PATCH that won’t pull off when stretched