Red - Drinks Bottle Thermos drikkeflaske

NOK 299,00
Artikkelnummer:: 002-010-000-0011
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Plastic pollution in our seas is an ever increasing problem, yet we know how important it is to stay hydrated both on and off the water which led us to developing this awesome bottle. Using higher quality marine grade stainless steel means it will not corrode like other metal drinks bottles, extending the life of your bottle. The bottle comes with a canteen and sports cap as standard allowing you to enjoy either hot or cold drinks. With a 750ml capacity you can take 3 cups of your favourite coffee with you or enjoy a cool glass of wine once you reach your detination. The bottle has been designed to custom fit into the side pockets of our deck bag or you can attach to your board using a carabiner. Help us reduce the amount of plastic entering our oceans by never taking a plastic bottle with you on the water again.

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