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Banked Country Split

Banked Country Split

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Splitboardet for den seriøse toppturentusiasten! Klatrer som en drøm og får deg trygt ned fjellsider med varierende forhold. Pro-Mag stålkantene gir enkel intuitiv inngang i svingene og bølgen i stålkantene i bakre del av brett griper på skare og is. Les mer.

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Temple and Cannon’s Banked Country split is a magical metamorphasis... their refined resort carving pow slaying machine has transformed into a lightweight climbing, powder and adrenalin access tool.

Temple and Cannon’s Banked Country split is a magical metamorphasis...their refined resort carving pow slaying machine has transformed into a lightweight climbing, powder and adrenalin access tool. A radically refined directional geometry/shape that includes a floaty nose, mild taper, Banked Slalom winning side cut and their unique Progressive “teeth in the tail” Magne-Traction® for quiet turn entry and unbelievable hook up in the tail to finish. A lightweight Paulownia core make this an effortless climb er and floaty smooth rider. Karakoram Ultra Clips lock it all together for a solid board feel and speedy smooth transitions. Highly refined, heavily tested by the boys and you know this is the right stick when you are in Banked Coountry.

• Temple and Cannon’s lightweight directional pow slayer split
• Pillows, steeps and everything else out there
• Progressive Magne-Traction, Karakoram Ultra Clips, and Carbon Power Bands for radical response and pop





Dette er camber designet for høytytende snøbrettkjøring. Svært mild rocker mellom føttene kombinert med kraftige cambers mot nose og tail. Den milde rockeren balanserer trykkfordelingen fra tupp til tale, eliminerer "død sone" mellom føttene, og maksimerer kantgrep, sprett, kraft og presisjon med fordelen av litt ekstra flyt og sving når du trenger det.

• Effektiv trykkfordeling og kontroll fra tupp til tale
• Sentral mikro-rocker bygger inn svinging, kantgrep og flyteevne
• Generell tupp til hale camber gir sprett, kraft og stabilitet





De bølgete stålkanten gir MYE bedre kantgrep under vanskelige forhold. Vinkel mot snø blir optimalisert og kanten på brett sitter mye bedre enn med tradisjonelle stålkanter. Patentert og forsøkt kopiert av mange andre produsenter. Men ingen har klart å gjøre det like bra.






Our factory crew is a highly skilled, committed crew of artisanal American Kraftsmen who ride the boards they build. Mervin is built by creative doers and active participants from the original action Kraftsmen Mike Olson and Pete Saari to our CEO Anthony DeRocco and all the way to our newest crew carrying the Mervin Made torch on the shop floor. We love to ride, it's what we're about!


If there is any one thing that we do that separates us from every other board factory in the world, it's the fact that we don't leave any hazardous waste behind in our manufacturing. Our proprietary printing process gives our artist's imaginings full realization with tip to tail vivid colors and detail. Yet it creates ZERO HAZARDOUS WASTE in the process, no one else can say that.


Only the best stuff goes in to our boards. The best to ride, the best for our Kraftsmen to work with and the best for the planet. Eco Materials like Non-petroleum based bio-plastics, soy based elastomer sidewalls, low VOC epoxy, additive free basalt fibers and FSC "pure" certified wood cores.


Our Eco Processes started with Mike and Pete's aversion to the use of toxic solvents in automative lacquer clear coats and screen printing. Through trial and error and extensive research they were able to put in place a set of processes that made the making of boards safe for themselves and their friends. It turns out what's good for us is good for the planet, who woulda thunk it...


In Washington State our electricity is 89.6% hydro electric which makes a lot of sense when your getting world record snowfalls at Mt. Baker. On top of that our factory heating system runs on a renewable based biodiesel.


Having our own wood shop means we get to control every aspect of wood core production. Making sure we use only FSC certified fast growing renewable forest products, finger joining to maximize wood yield, repurposing any scrap wood either to be used in the factory or as kindling in the community and recycling our sawdust to be turned in to soil. That's right we're celebrating the dirt bag! Our sawdust goes to growing the fruits, vegetables and errr..weeds that many enjoy on the Olympic Peninsula and beyond.



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GNU Banked Country Split
Banked Country Split
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