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Duotone - Slick D/Lab 2023
Duotone Foil

Duotone - Slick D/Lab 2023

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NB | Slick kommer uten bom. Klikk her for bom.

Da var den endelig her. Slick for feinschmekerene. Lettest, stivest hvis du vil, og superbalansert med nye MOD 3. Har du først funnet ut at ikkeno skal stå i veien for opplevelsene dine på vannet er det bare å booke et par Slick D/Labs.

Ingen annen vinge er så komfortabel som denne med et så stor vindspekter. Produksjonen er tidkrevende og vrien. Begrenset tilgang.

Snurr film!


The Slick D/LAB has arrived! Our latest Freeride & Freestyle Wing with Mini Boom comes with the power, lightweight and unmatched performance from our prestigious D/LAB technology - delivering a riding sensation beyond imagination!

The new design brings increased lift, power and hang time and when combined with the most cutting-edge materials and construction techniques, the result is truly mind-blowing.

The Slick D/LAB powers through lulls and rides through gusts with unrivalled balance and stability. Early take-off and incredible lift and hang time in jumps are just two of the Slick D/LAB's outstanding characteristics. With a stable draft position and its huge wind range, the Slick D/LAB is easy to rotate through the latest Freestyle tricks, gets you up effortlessly on the foil in the lightest breeze and has predictable control even in the gustiest conditions.

With the use of Aluula in the leading edge and strut, combined with our unique MOD3 canopy, designer Ken Winner has crafted an incredibly light wing with instantaneous response. With direct power when pumping, more lift, higher jumps and quicker rotations, the Slick D/LAB excels in every metric.

The low stretch character of the higher modulus MOD3 fabric maintains the wing's shape and profile even when riding through changing wind conditions. During gusts you’ll feel pure acceleration, allowing you to ride without needing to adjust your hands or riding position.
The durability and longevity of the MOD3 canopy are significantly improved when compared to standard ripstop fabrics, keeping the wing fresh from day one.

The deep profile and refinements to the strut and wing tips have resulted in maximum lift and provide forgiving and consistent power delivery with a remarkably stable flying behavior in different riding angles and wind strengths.

With two well-placed windows on each side of the wing, you’ll be passing and overtaking riders with good visibility and no blind spots.

You'll be amazed at how light and effortless the Slick D/LAB feels and follows your line when held by the newly refined front handle.

Best matched with our carbon Platinum or Platinum SLS boom - the Slick D/LAB is your ultimate ticket for performance Freeride and powerful Freestyle action.

MOD 3 Canopy:
• More power
• More direct response
• Better pumping efficiency > goes earlier
• Better draft stability
• Increased durability > no wearing out
• harder to break

• Modulus of MOD3 is twice as high in warp direction
• 3x as stretch resistant in bias direction (7x less stretchy at lower loads)
• Much higher shape holding ability compared to traditional (Kite) canopy (the canopy of Wings is exposed to about 2x the load per surface area compared to the canopy in Kites)



Lurer du på noe? Vi kan hjelpe.
Mail: [email protected] Tlf: 9302 9020. Det er ofte travelt, så får du ikke svar, send mail.
Lurer du på noe? Vi kan hjelpe.
Mail: [email protected] Tlf: 9302 9020. Det er ofte travelt, så får du ikke svar, send mail.

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Duotone Foil Slick D/Lab 2023
Duotone Foil
Slick D/Lab 2023
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