Duotone - Kite Mast-fuse set Carbon 90/64

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Duotone Carbon 90 + Fuselage

A true masterpiece of composite material craftsmanship and design, the Duotone Carbon Mast is designed to significantly enhance your experience with a dramatic weight reduction combined with impressive stiffness.

The aim of the design was to increase the tension of foiling, and we believe that foiling is always better when your foil glides better, when your foil is easier to control and when it responds better to your demands, even at the highest speeds. This is what you will experience when you use the Duotone carbon mast on your existing Duotone foil or on a new one.

If you're serious about foiling and want to take your game to the next level, carbon is the only way forward.

Includes: Carbon mast 90cm, Fuselage 64cm, Travel bag