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Entity Ergo 2024 - Blue/Lime
Duotone Kiteboarding

Entity Ergo 2024 - Blue/Lime

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The skeleton of a foot consists of 28 bones. The foot bones can be divided into following groups: tarsal bones, metatarsal bones and phalanxes. 20 muscles and over 114 tendons and ligaments ensure the required flexibility and stability of the bones to each other. A fine nerve and blood vessel network supplies the surface and deeper muscles above and below the foot. Long story short, that’s exactly why you need the new ergonomic NTT and the choice of four different sizes to find exactly the NTT which fits to your feet. The new strap design keeps your feet at the right place and the new fibre glass reinforced double hook closure system keeps the whole strap closed in any conditions.


The economic EVA pad in combination with the toe padding is the guarantee to always have the right grip, an optimal pressure distribution with maximum comfort. This new ergonomic NTT gives relief to overstressed nerves and prevents fatigue and pain, your feet will get less tired and you’ll stay on the water longer. The ergonomic NTT footpads in combination with the adjustable heel pads help to reduce pressure on the heel and even avoid shocks on the entire body, helping alleviate long-term foot, back and knee pain. An additional nice little gimmick is the possibility to stick the screws of the pad on the bottom of the pad, so you don’t lose them whilst travelling! Slide into your new slippers!





We were there when the first kites were seen riding downwind from Ho’okipa to Kanaha. We got dragged over the beaches of Maui, the Baltic Sea or Tarifa, we tried directionals and twin tips, we experimented with two, four or five lines and we developed C-shapes, Delta-shapes and safety bars. Whatever comes to your mind regarding kitesurfing evolution in the past 20 years - we took part in it.


There is not a single day without one of our engineers or team riders on the water testing new products. We call ourselves fortunate to have a team which yearns to push the sport to the next level. From the early days until today we did experience an incredible progression and yet there is no end in sight. And this is what creates the excitement. Our R&D team does not respond to trends! We love to start the trend, to set the tone and to explore new ways on the water.

The People

The brand is nothing without the people representing the name. All Boards & More personnel that developed and shaped the sport stands united behind DUOTONE. DUOTONE is the sum of all people burning for the sport, contributing all their knowledge and skills to the improvement of the best gear. Nobody leaves the shape room, gets off the sewing table or stops testing on the water unless all questions are answered and all wishes are fulfilled.


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Mail: [email protected] Tlf: 9302 9020. Det er ofte travelt, så får du ikke svar, send mail.

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Lurer du på noe? Vi kan hjelpe.
Mail: [email protected] Tlf: 9302 9020. Det er ofte travelt, så får du ikke svar, send mail.

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Duotone Kiteboarding Entity Ergo 2024
Duotone Kiteboarding
Entity Ergo 2024
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