Axis - Front Wing - HA

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Artikkelkode AX21FWING100
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HA 1000mm:

The AXIS S-Series 1000mm Carbon Front wing is the bigger brother of the AXIS S-Series 900mm Carbon Front wing. Designed with Downwinding in mind, the 1000 has tremendous amount of glide, and only one speed setting - FAST.
The 1000 wing also works well on fast riding smaller bumps, as well as windfoiling for heavier riders or lighter winds.


HA 900mm:

The AXIS S-Series 900mm (wingspan) Carbon Front wing is a higher aspect performance front wing for SUP, Surf, Wind, Downwind and Pump foiling. With a 1277cm2 surface this is very fast wing designed for the intermediate and advanced riders who are looking for stability in higher speeds. Also an amazing wing for wind foiling.