AFS - Perfomer Foil Frontwing

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Artikkelkode AFSP950
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The production of all our AFS foils is done directly in our factory in France.


Span: 840 mm

Surface area: 950 cm2

Aspect Ratio: 7.4


Span: 750 mm

Surface area: 750 cm2

Aspect Ratio: 7.5

On the whole range, the aspect ratio is between 5.7 (Performer 1900) and 7.5 (Performer 750), these elongations are the best combination of versatility and performance.


The slim profile of the wing has very little drag which improves the glide considerably. The center of the wing is thicker, it allows for easy and quick take-offs as well as flying even at very low speeds. The slim wing ears allow to mark the supports and make the maneuvers radical.


Like a seagull, this type of profile is called OMEGA. This profile brings a lot of stability at high rpm and allows to have a total confidence with a healthy support.