Duotone - Shox.Upgrade Kit Uni.XT RDM 2.0

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Artikkelkode 14800-7302-RDM
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For pioneering damping technology All POWER.XT 2.0 extensions can be upgraded with the unique NorthSails SHOX suspension system (except AERO). SHOX is the first integrated shock absorber, which adds a chassis to the board similar to a full-suspension on a mountain bike. Especially in choppy conditions it smooths out the board and the rig, absorbing chop and the impact after landing. Tests in all leading Windsurf-magazines have proven that the rig doesn’t bump, the rider can convert the wind power much more effective into acceleration making you a proven 2-3 knots faster, and also preserves the equipment and your joints. Whether speed, racing or freeride, the new POWER.XT 2.0 in combination with the SHOX.UPGRADE.KIT definitely guarantees: + CONTROL + SPEED + COMFORT