Smith - Gambler Air 4-8 år

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Artikkelnummer:: M0063531W998V
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Avansert Jr brille - typisk 4-8 år Gambler Smith Optics Goggles: The Smith Gambler is a stylish, robust yet comfortable helmet compatible junior goggle that features an outrigger system and a molded dual slide adjustable strap to help ensure optimal safety and compatibility with helmets. Gambler Smith Optics Goggles: The Gambler can be worn both with and without eye glasses. Gambler Smith Optics Goggles: The Smith Gambler is fitted with a double lens that is bonded in such a way as to create a thermal barrier that helps to keep the inner lens warm and dry, whilst the cold, moist air is kept outside where it belongs. Gambler Smith Optics Goggles: Floating membrane eliminates eyeglass temple pressure Hypoallergenic face foam Helmet and eyeglass compatible Dual lens with Airflow ventilation Youth Fit - Smaller
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