Rome - Pow Division MT - 153cm

Artikkelnummer:: 19SB3700902
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RIDE FIRST CHAIR. SURF UNTRACKED BOWLS. TUCK INTO NARROW TREE LINES. Reach into the quiver and pull one of these out on those deep days that call for something special. We’ve designed three profiles with floatation technology that we tune to how you want to ride powder. To work with widths and tail shapes, 3D rocker in the nose and positive camber from the mid-body to the tail deliver different performance profiles. Grab an ST for quick, buoyant turns in narrow spaces, strap into a MT for a versatile blend of quick pow turns and power arcs at speed, or drop in with a PT for bold, surfy, high-speed lines. Our new split Powder Division adds a surfy perspective for leg-accessed zones. Pop Core Matrix StraightBiax Carbon Laminate TurboRods: Carbon Single Barrel SinterStrong Sidewalls SinterTrue Base Bi-Radial Sidecut Taper—12mm to 20mm
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