Red - Pro Change Jacket - Black

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Deilig varmejakke for surf, sklir lett over våtdrakten, fin å skifte i, garderobeskap for stranda!

Get Warm, Keep Dry, Stay Covered 

  • Technical outer shell is waterproof and breathable to prevent water from getting in whilst allowing moisture to escape.
  • Long adjustable sleeves to shield the whole arm from the wind and rain. 
  • Waterproof chest pocket to help keep valuables such as keys and phone safe and close to hand.
  • Stretch side panels to help make getting changed easier and more comfortable 
  • Fleece lining is super soft and wicks moisture away from the skin, helping you to dry and warm up quickly. 
  • Packs down into a 10ltr dry bag so easy to transport and store. (Additional Item)
  • The spacious interior offers plenty of space to get changed - sizing is based purely on height rather than build.

With a black outer shell and a grey fleece lining, the Red Original Pro Change Robe has been designed to keep wearers fully covered so that they may get changed in peace while remaining warm and dry. Though perfect for use while changing on the beach or by the car, shielding wearers from sight isn’t all our Pro Change Robes are good for.

The outer layer is made using an incredibly durable material that’s both waterproof and breathable. This combination of features effectively ensures that while any moisture on the inside can escape, thereby helping wearers dry quicker, no water on the outside will be allowed to get in. On the other hand, the inside of our waterproof changing robes is lined with super-soft fleece to ensure wearers are kept warm and cosy even in the face of heavy wind and rain. The fleece lining also has moisture-wicking properties to help pull water away from the wearer’s skin, which means getting dry and warming up both happen quicker.

It’s not until you put one on that you’ll realise just how much space there is inside the changing robe for wearers to get dressed and undressed. A big part of what makes taking clothes on and off under of our waterproof changing robes so quick and convenient is the stretch panels, which provide extra give for those moments where a little extra room wouldn’t go amiss. Between its many features, you might think that our Pro Change Robe would be bulky and cumbersome, but that’s not the case. The triple-layer construction used to make them ensure that our changing robes are not only comfortable to wear but also lightweight. When not being worn, they can be packed down and stored in your average backpack or dry bag, making them easy to carry around.

Other convenient features that are sure to make life easier when it’s cold and wet include a chunky YYK zip that can be pulled up or down from the inside and out, a fleece-guard that covers the zip to stop the ingress of wind, and a fleece-lined pocket to keep your hands warm. There’s also a waterproof chest pocket that’s perfect for keeping valuables safe and on your person.

A must-have accessory for outdoor adventurers and water sport enthusiasts alike, these long sleeve waterproof changing robes for men are available in 2 sizes:

• Medium: Recommended for 5’1"-5'11" (155cm - 180cm) Chest Size 1500mm - 59inch Weight 1.5kg
• Large: Recommended for 5'11" - 6'5" (180cm - 196cm) Chest Size 1700mm - 67inch Weight 1.6kg