RED - Pakke - 12.0 Voyager - PRIME - 2022

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Årest beste allrounder for den lekne og turvillige vannrennspadleren. HVA LIGGER RUNDT NESTE SVING? Vouager modellen er en utmerket turkamerat. Designet med tanke på turentusiaster som vil oppleve fjorder, elver og vann på samme følese som en fottur eller en skitur.
Du trenger ikke å tenke på å ta bilen til startpunktet en gang. Sleng tolvseksen i bagen – ta buss, tog, trikk, haik eller bane og padle turer som beriker kropp og sjel. Denne kameraten har mange steder å feste turoppakningen og det du måtte fiske opp fra vannet om fiskestanga er med. Bare husk at blir det Sushilunsj på brädan – vær litt forsiktig med kniven, og tenker du å fyre bål anbefaler vi at du gjør det på land. Tre RAM-Mounts fester gjør brettet ekstremt allsidig for den som synes det er gøy å dokumentere turen eller om du liker å ha fiskeutstyr både her og der.
Voyager er en turmaskin med masse oppdrift og høy stivhet. Hva får du i påsan? Explorer leveres med en genial sekk du kan ha på ryggen eller trille på hjul, en vanntett bag til mobiltelfon eller bilnøkler, verdens beste SUP pumpe, brukerveiledning og et rep-sett.

A new addition to the range for 2022, the 12'0 Voyager has been designed with a more petite paddler in mind. The length and thickness make it an ideal board for longer adventures and lighter paddlers. The extra volume means you can easily pack all your kit on the front while you paddle. You'll feel extra confident paddling out on this board, knowing that it offers stability in all conditions.

The combination of our patented RSS system makes this board stiffer at lower pressures compared to other boards on the market - something you'll really appreciate when your board is loaded up. Underneath the board is a removable fin, manufactured by world-leading surfboard fin creators FCS. They slot into the fin box easily by hand and are secured in place with a finger bolt.

Now in a bright colour so they cannot be forgotten at set up, rounded leading edge for improved ease of insertion and new pure material which is more durable and also recyclable. The ergonomic tubular handles give a cushioned, comfy grip when carrying your board.

A new and improved cargo system for the Voyager range offers three adjustable bungee straps. A twin d-ring locking system allows easy adjustment and release and the small loop is ideal for water bottle storage. A reinforced cargo point means you can strap on enough cargo for any adventure.

Introducing a total redesign of our all terrain backpack that offers a bagless carry system. This skeleton system means you can access more remote waterways without the need for a bulky bag and just take the straps and your pump. When using the bag, large all terrain wheels make handling rugged terrain a breeze and considered anthropometric design is able to be fully customised to your height so you can take maximum care of your body while under load. Large exterior pockets can fit any quick to grab essentials and velcro interior pocket means your paddle blade is safe and secure. The interior material has a stylish Red repeater pattern and it's water resistance will minimise any intrusive damp. Additional internal storage for small items and keeping your service kit on hand.

The Revolutionary V-Hull: By cleverly tapering the cut of the drop stitch, the new displacement V-shaped hull on the nose of the Voyager, breaks the surface tension of the water and keeps you gliding through your paddle stroke. The board slices through the water with ease and increased speed. This is a real game changer! Scientifically proven to improve effectiveness and efficiency compared to a flat hulled board, the V-Hull Voyager helps you paddle for longer with less effort.

The Twin Fin: A twin fin set up on our Voyager board range ensures improved tracking and glide. By having two shorter fins rather than one longer fin, you'll be able to get into much shallower waters, opening up a wider variety of waterways to paddle. Another benefit is that you can load your board with all of your gear and it will remain super stable. It won't rock from side to side as you would find with one fin.

Ergonomic tubular handles on all boards to give a cushioned, comfy grip when carrying your board.

For those looking to advance their paddling performance. Our Prime Lightweight SUP Paddle is available in blue and purple, so you can match your paddle to your board. Laser etching means that the design will last as long as your paddle does.This performance paddle uses a carbon weave for greater strength whilst keeping the paddle super light and responsive.

The blade shape is a teardrop design with a single dihedral blade face. This allows water to flow evenly off each side creating a smooth and stable stroke, whilst the double concave offers the user to really put the power down.

New for 2022 – Leash Connection System, designed to keep blade and mid section tethered together for convenience and easy set up. It’s straightforward and makes our three piece paddles even easier to assemble.

New for 2022 - Interference Fit Hardware, All paddles are now composed of non-glued components meaning every piece of your paddle is both replaceable and recyclable.