(Titan/Alu) Gold Series RS Str.190-250

Artikkelnummer:: 14500-1403-190-250
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01 Material: ALU.TITAN.HYBRID with PROTECTION.GRIP > 02 NEW: Front-end: iFRONT 2.0 > 03 Tail-end 140/160: INSIDE.GRIPPED.TAIL with iTAIL.WAVE.FITTING > 03 Tail-end 170/190: OUTSIDE.TAIL with iTAIL.RACE.FITTING This exclusive production technology in combination with a material mix of T8 alloy and ALU.TITAN (ALU.TITAN.HYBRID.CONSTRUCTION) has enabled a quantum jump in terms of durability and stiffness. All GOLDS are unchallenged in their class and regarded as the new industry standard within hybrid booms – and all of this with a 2-year unlimited warranty!*
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