Nitro - Squash Youth - 142cm

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Artikkelnummer:: 830462-001-142
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The Kid´s Squash is specifically designed to let kids have more fun on the mountain with a powder shaped swallowtail that floats like a boat, carves like a dream, catches so much air you´re guaranteed to scream. The Squash was received so well by the adults last season, we decided to offer it in kid´s and youth sizes for everyone to enjoy! Designed to let kids have more fun on the mountain no matter the condition, because snowboarding is about having fun and the easiest way to have fun is to ride a board like the Squash. From pow days or sunny groomer days - the Squash board specializes in all sorts of conditions with its taped swallowtail shape offering a dreamy float through pow and the perfect blend of a Progressive Sidecut and Trüe Camber so you can lay into carves like a boss. This Tapered Swallowtail Shaped powerhouse will allow you to charge with finesse through the choppiest conditions, while the Sintered Speed Formula HD Base will allow you to get out of the flats with ease. If you are looking for something more than the standard popsicle shaped kids snowboard and something to have fun on during the pow days or just groomer park days than do like the pros and Squash It! CHARACTERISTICS Shape Tapered Swallowtail Camber Trüe Width Standard Flex All Terrain Sidecut Progressive SPECIAL FEATURES Sintered Speed Formula HD Base Bi-lite Laminates Powercore II
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