F1-Select WindsurfingFoil" 22.999Kr Bestillingsvare

NOK 22.990,00
Artikkelnummer:: SML10010010
Bestill nå - få kanskje om tre måneder! Komplett «alt unntatt brettet» foil. Deep Tuttle Carbon «mast» Carbon «Chassis» og carbon vinger. Flying over the water... The dream becomes reality! The dream has now become reality. You are going to discover a new way of sailing... Flying over the water! More than three years of study, development and ne-tuning were necessary to design the SELECT windfoil. We have done everything possible to achieve our goals: creating a high-performance windfoil, easy and self-stabili- zing, able to y in an ultra light wind. With the SELECT / ProFOIL.F1 windfoil, IT IS nOW POSSIbLE TO FLy FrOm OnLy 7 knOTS * * For a body weight of 70 kg. With a simple sail. :) The SELECT windfoil is the culmination of the work of 2 teams: SELECT and TAAROA which have already developed the most efficient kitefoils in the world. The SWORD 2 has become the absolute reference in its field: both easy and efficient. This new concept of foil has revolutionized the possibility of sailing in fair weather. It covers wide ranges of wind conditions with suitable wings and stabilizers. The recent developments that have made the release of the new SWORD RS possible have proven that our databases could bring a real advantage for making a latest generation windfoil: The SELECT ProFoil.F1 The ProFOIL.F1, is the modern version of the windfoil. To achieve this, we have developed the construction of all the components of a foil designed for windsurfing: much more rigid and more solid as a simple extrapolation inspired by a kitefoil. The construction of a windfoil is extremely complex and high-tech. Because of the considerable forces at work, all components require perfect development, production and skill. The ProFOIL.F1 is a concentrate of our expertise in hydrodynamics and the use of composite materials. It has been developed and manufactured as a real piece of aeronautics. Designed with rigour and without any concession from the quality that has made the reputation of SELECT / SM COMPOSITE. Se mer på hjemmesidene til select-hydrofoils.com
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