Lib-Tech - T.Ripper - Bent Metal Bolt - Deeluxe Rough Diamond

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Pakke for junior som drar på. Travis Rice sin promodell krympet ned til arvinger som begynner å kjøre fra mor og far. Denne pakke er med boots opp til størrelse 39.

Pakkedeal. Kryss av for produkt(ene) under. Legg i handlevognen og rabatten trekkes fra i handlekurven.

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Lib-Tech - T.Ripper - Bent Metal Bolt - Deeluxe Rough Diamond
Deeluxe - Rough Diamond - Black
+ NOK 2.199,00
Lib-Tech - T.Ripper - Bent Metal Bolt - Deeluxe Rough Diamond
Lib-Tech - T. Ripper 2022
+ NOK 4.999,00
Lib-Tech - T.Ripper - Bent Metal Bolt - Deeluxe Rough Diamond
Bent Metal - Bolt - 2022 - Black
+ NOK 1.999,00
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Millimeter EU | US
180mm 31.5 | 13K
185mm 32 | 13.5K
190mm 32.5 | 1
195mm 33 | 1.5
200mm 33.5 | 2
205mm 34 | 2.5
210mm 34.5 | 3
215mm 35 | 3.5
220mm 35.5 | 4
225mm 36 | 4.5
230mm 37 | 5
235mm 37.5 | 5.5
240mm 38 | 6
245mm 38.5 | 6.5
250mm 39 | 7

Velg riktig - Bruk tabellen nederst for valg av brett. Valg av boots. Mål lengde på foten, legg på 1,5cm og bruk tabellen for boots.

Lib-Tech - T.Ripper

Designed in Jackson Hole to take on the world. The T.Ripper is a scaled down and blunted out version of Travis’ X-Games and AK line proven T-Rice Pro. Packed with technology including an FSC certified aspen / paulownia wood core, fast low maintenance eco sublimated TNT base, Magne-Traction® serrated edge technology on a perfect C2 Hybrid contour, this board will lift you to new levels of park, pow, and hardpack shred performance and never let you down!


BOARD ART BY: Mike Parillo (@mikeparillo)
T-Ripper- At some point every human being looks in the mirror and says to themselves... What am I and how did I get here? This visual is my attempt to tell that story and pay tribute to the amazingly complex, intelligently designed, conscious organic machine that we all are.
"Body, mind, spirit and beyond, spend time contemplating the miracle of your existence and honor the source from where you’ve originated." ~ Mike Parillo

Deeluxe - DNA

With a look and feel inspired by a trusted pair of sneakers, the DNA is the freshest addition to DEELUXE’s freestyle line. And it’s already emerging as a favorite among riders who spend their days jibbing and lapping the park. With a slightly softer flex, it pairs out-of-the-box comfort with all of the features you need to have a great day slaying the slopes or seeking out kickers and rails. Combining the best of both worlds, its traditional laces offer a classic ride and appearance while the boot’s BOA® Fit System allows you to quickly and effortlessly attain a precise fit in the heel and ankle area. A Power Strap delivers additional support at the shin to further enhance response. Especially thin, the DNA’s deconstructed-style Jib Tongue is paired with a grippy Skate Flex sole to directly transfer power and maximize board feel. And thanks to its Stage 2 liner, the boot provides an incredible ride from day one. The only downside? The DNA is so comfortable you might forget you’re wearing it long after you step off the snow.

Bent Metal - Bolt

We are proud to introduce the all new BOLT, where utility meets performance. The BOLT is a Unisex Model that features an easy riding all mountain flex along with the solid team tested components including the comfy mobility ankle strap and the Flex Control Advantage of our unique drive plate system. Best of all this complete package is easy on the eyes and easier on the wallet. Give your winter a jolt with the all new BMBW BOLT!

Velg riktig lengde ved hjelp av tabellen under. Vi har hentet gjennomsnittsverdier på norske barn fra Statistisk Sentralbyrå som er til høyre i tabellen. Da er det lettere å velge riktig om målebånd og vekt ikke er tilgjengelig.

Lengde Anbefalt vekt Høyde barn (SSB) Snittvekt barn (SSB) Alder
90 17-24 kg 112cm 21kg 5 år
100 19-26 kg 119cm 23kg 6 år
105 20-27kg 121cm 24kg 6,5 år
110 21-31kg 126cm 26kg 7 år
115 26-33kg 132cm 28kg 8 år
120 29-36kg 136cm 31kg 9 år
125 32-39kg 140cm 34kg 10 år
130 36-43kg 145cm 38kg 11 år
140 40-47kg 152cm 42kg 12 år
145 46-53kg 158cm 48kg 13 år