Lib-Tech - Lost Retro Ripper 2022

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Matt Biolos’ Japan inspired floaty nosed, powder loving swallow tail... an instant classic wall hanger that rips the whole mountain. The Retro Ripper loves riding in the storm or quiet meditative woodsy hikes into secret pow stashes for days after the last snowfall. This thing is made for smooth speedy lines and explosive slashes... take an average day and make it more surfy... take a great pow day make a memory that lasts a lifetime. Long floaty low entry nose, set back camber, beautiful Biolos lines and shape with a tail settling, nose lifting, carve enhancing swallow tail. It‘s not really retro it’s timeless.


BOARD ART BY: Katsushika Hokusai
Inspired by a reverence for Japanese culture and a love for empty pow fields. For this instant classic powder swallow glider Matt selected one of Japan’s most iconic and revered artists Katsushika Hokusai. Hokusai produced art under many names in many styles much of which was lost in a fire in 1839. His original art, when adapted into our clear Bio Beans top material in our eco sublimation process, shows hints of the natural wood core and produces an almost 3-D visual. You can ride it or hang it on the wall... both options are lovely.


Original Power Construction + Sintered Base (OP, OP+): Light, environmentally nice, and strong.

  • Core: 75% Aspen / 25% Paulownia
  • Glass: Bi-Ax / Tri-Ax Fiber
  • Top: Non Compis Mentis Textured Eco Sublimated Poly Top
  • Base: Sintered Knife Cut Base (Fast)


Klassisk Camber med en vri. Elsket av Jamie Lynn og Freddi Kalbermatten. To kjørere med kun på-knapp :-) Perfekt for kjørere som gir gass, kjører med mye energi og beste løsningen i stor hastighet. Denne løsningen har en veldig svak rocker mellom bindingene. Akkurat så lite rocker at kantgrep, pop, kraft og presisjonen beholdes samtidig som den gir litt ekstra flyt i løssnøen. Det er litt lettere å sette carven når hastigheten er for lav til at g-kreftene presser ned senter av brettet av seg selv. Denne løsning er perfekt for kraftfull snowboardkjøring.



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Side Cut Radius Nose/Tail Bredde Bredde Midten Set Back


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166 118 8.3 32.2 / 30.7 27.3 5" 6 60 kg +


Lib Tech is a collective of creative board sports dreamers who have eliminated any barriers between us and actualizing the dream. A lot more than the obvious goes into every board we build. The belief that anything is possible. The experience to know what works. The enthusiasm and determination to make it happen.  Highly skilled, magical, hands-on ripper kraftsmen. The world’s best athletes and terrain. Dynamic, multi-medium snowboarder artists. The most exotic, high performance, environmentally friendly materials. The safest, most efficient, environmentally friendly process. Maximized material yields, recycling and repurposing. Zero Hazardous waste. We do it all ourselves because we  love it and nobody does it better. The world’s best boards… dream boards.