Karakoram - Prime Connect Free Ranger + Splitboard Interface

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Fluidity and power. Drop your knee over the low softer flex inside Surf Sidewall. Brace and drive off the higher stiffer Power Sidewall. Crank turns with comfort and power. The Reactive Highback craddles your boot and removes pressure points at the top of the highback. The AirForm ankle strap conforms to your boot with independent pressure pods, eliminating pressure points and allowing for pinch-point free flex.


  • Vekt: 815 gram
  • Chassis Feel, Assymetric Sidewalls (stivhet): 6/10
  • Highback Feel, Reactive Highback (stivhet): 8/10
  • Ankel Strap, Air Strap: Charger


  • Active Joining
  • Surf Sidewalls
  • Power Sidewalls
  • Full EVA Footbed
  • Prime System
  • Reactive Highbacks
  • Air Form Straps
  • Open Chassis

20-21 Free Ranger from Karakoram on Vimeo.