Jones - Hovercraft Splitboard 2022

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Artikkelkode SPMHVCXX1601
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The nimble backcountry racer • Ideal for backcountry chutes, bowls and tree runs
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Jones - Hovercraft Splitboard 2022
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Jones - Hovercraft Splitboard 2022
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Jones - Hovercraft Splitboard 2022
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The Hovercraft Split is purpose built to surf the earth and features a directional shape that truly shines in the backcountry.

It's nimble, squat outline provides the float of a much longer board, and the short running length makes it super maneuverable in the tight trees and skinning up. The blunt nose and directional rocker of the Hovercraft keep you surfin' on top of the soft stuff, while the stiff tail keeps you stable through any unexpected crust. For added edge grip on icy skin tracks or firm descents, the Hovercraft Split features Inner/ Outer Traction Tech 2.0 edges. Fresh for 21/22, the Hovercraft has a new look with a refined Engineered Veneer Topsheet and a black + transparent base plus laser etched topsheet markings that eliminate all solvent inks. Without any inks on the board, not even the sidewalls, the new Hovercraft is the most sustainably produced board we've ever made! We've also upgraded the Hovercraft Split's clips to the stronger and lighter Karakoram Ultra Clips 1.0.