Ion - 2/1mm Neo Zip Top Women Skin 40

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Artikkelnummer:: 48703-4138-40
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Standup paddle boarding has become a very popular water sports discipline over the past years: it doesn’t matter if you have the guts to charge big hollow tubes, if you race across the open ocean or if you simply enjoy a great casual time on the water with friends or family. It’s a phantastic sport that offers fun and new challenges to erverybody. Because of the specific needs and the demands for specialized SUP products, ION constantly improves the SUP collection, to meet the goal of offering a maximum of stretch, comfort, and quickdrying performance needed for this great new activity. To complete the concept these versatile improved SUP products are capable of adapting to the changing temperature conditions and amounts of sweat your body produces during intensive workout on the water – a clever heat-/moisture-management concept.
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