ION - 5/4 - Onyx Amp - LT/102 - FZ

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Artikkelnummer:: 48202-4466-102
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Optimum Flex: Reduced panel layout, Ninja_Knee and Ninja_Spine construction.

Warm: Hot_Stuff lining, Seal_Tight and Water_Gate_3D construction keep you warm.

Maki_Tape 2.0: Improved neo tape seal for superb flex, water resistance and seam reinforcement

Protection: Crash_Padz at shins and ribs

LINE CONCEPT - The Amp level represents exceptional performance especially in terms of stretch. The Ninja_Knee construction is primarily supported by the new and thinner Maki_Tape2.0 The Ninja_Spine between the stiffer back panel and the buttock gives freedom for upper body moment whilst protected by the harness.

Double Thread GBS - More stretch in upper body = less taping - Enlarged Knee Panel oder: Enlarged knee panel

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