Indiana - Kite / Pump Foil Carbon Board - 120cm

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Possibly the most spectacular kind of foiling is the pump foiling. Equipped with only the board and the foil, you start on a raft or a landing stage and do your laps with pumping movements only. It’s not easy to learn but the applause of the amazed crowd is guaranteed. Thanks to the supporting wind and waves, kite- and surf foiling almost appear cozy. With our development team we designed an extensive set-up of pump-, kite-, and surf foil boards.


The 120 is the perfect allround Foilboard for all levels of Kitefoilers. The compact shape and progressive Rocker and clean hull shape make it very forgiving for touchdowns, pushing you to learn new tricks without the fear of crashing. The lightweight and durable construction gives you confidence in jumps and traveling.



New tough construction: 

PVC Foam that does not absorb water and makes a stiffer more responsive board.


Progressive Rocker: 

Instant touchdown recovery, prevents nose-diving and helps to lift you back up on the foil.


Adjustable Track System: 

Allows you to tune the foil setup for your weight and comfort. Mounting compatibility with any Foil System featuring a 165x90mm bolt pattern. The track system is structurally integrated between the top and bottom laminate for the strongest support.


V Straps: 

Make changing your feet easier during gybes and tacks and give a solid connection for jumps and hard landings.


Grooved EVA Deckpad: 

Gives amazing lateral grip, but still allows you to move your foot forward and backward on the deck.

Material: PVC Foam, Carbon, Fiberglas, Epoxy • Construction: Carbon Fiberglas Sandwich • Production Technique: Vacuum Lamination • EVA Pad: Grooved • Foil-Connection: 2 x 10 .75’’-Tracks • Shaper: Gunnar Biniasch • 


Includes: Boardbag, V-Strap-Set incl. Screws