HO - Stance atop Reel Lacing ARTP

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Designed for comfort and flexibility
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For 2022, we’ve designed the Stance Adjustable Rear Toe Plate with the ATOP Reel Lacing System, complete with a micro-adjust dial for a customized, powerful and precise fit. This makes it easier than ever to tighten and loosen the boot with the twist of a dial. No laces to worry about tucking away.
The Stance Adjustable Rear Toe is a solid choice for skiers searching for comfort and functionality. The SBR Closed Cell Foam Liner delivers a snug yet comfy fit, while the static lace allows for size adjustability to fit a wide range of feet. A lighter weight and more comfortable alternative to a rubber rear toe loop, the Stance ART is customizable to your foot size. Just twist the ATOP lacing dial and you’re good to go! No more jamming your foot into a rear boot that doesn’t fit right. The 6mm thick, Baseless, zero drop orthotic footbed enhances skier to ski balance. Made with quality, high strength 6061 Grade Aluminum Plates, no cheap plastic on this crucial ski to boot connection! Matches perfectly with the Stance 130 and Stance 110 front boots.

ATOP Reel Lacing System

Micro adjust dial for a customized, powerful, precise fit.

SBR Closed Cell Foam Liner

Rubber boot feel with an exact but comfortable fit

6 mm Baseless, zero drop, orthotic footbed

For improved skier to ski balance connection.

Lightweight build
High Strength 6061 Grade Aluminum