Hayden - Raven PU - 5’7 - FCS2 - 24L

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Artikkelkode HSPE-RV0507-FC1
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Hayden Shapes Hayden - Raven PU - 5’7 - FCS2 - 24L
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Hayden Shapes Hayden - Raven PU - 5’7 - FCS2 - 24L
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Hayden Shapes Hayden - Raven PU - 5’7 - FCS2 - 24L
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Hayden Shapes Hayden - Raven PU - 5’7 - FCS2 - 24L
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Merke Haydenshapes
Modell Raven
Lengde 5'7"
Volum 24,02L
Mål 18 1/4" x 2 3/16"
Konstruksjon Original PU
Finne set-up 3-Fins - FCSII

From a collaborative design approach with Dion Agius; RAVEN has arrived.

RAVEN is more than just a high performance shortboard, it’s a modern shortboard that brings back the 90’s carve. 

Best suited to 3ft+ conditions and designed to be put on rail; Dion wanted his signature model to ride effortlessly in everyday conditions, then seriously flare when the waves present themselves. 

A curved rocker allows for everyone from the intermediate to experienced surfer to drive through their turns. A low-medium entry rockerline allows for ease of paddling with the ability to pick up speed instantly, whilst a medium tail rocker transitioning into a swallow tail produces tighter carves. 

Dion’s signature shortboard infuses balance between the new high performance surfing - with plenty of release and pop - yet calls-upon design features which allow for that on-rail surfing we all covet.

Wave Height 3-6ft Wave Faces
Wave Type Above average conditions
Skill Level Intermediate to Advanced
Fin Setup 3 Fin