Hayden - 5’7 - Hypto Krypto - FCS2 - V - 29,86L

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Artikkelkode HSFF-HK0507-FC1
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Merke: Hayden Shapes

Modell: Hypto Krypto

Lengde: 5`7

Volum: 29,86L

MÅL: 19 7/8 - 2 7/16

Konstruksjon: Future Flex

Finne set-up: 5-Fins FCS II

The Hypto Krypto V surfboard is a variation on the Hayden’s popular tri fin model, and while the shape remains the same, the 5-fin set up allows the board to be surfed as a quad or a thruster. Hayden adjusted the fin placement on the Hypto V to maximise the overall performance of the convertible set-up, while maintaining the smooth feel that’s become synonymous with this board. The rear fins are quite centralised, and Hayden recommends using the quad rear fin he developed with Futures to fully capitalise on the potential of this model. Compared to the tri fin, which surfs a little more freely and with nice pivot off the tail, the Hypto V offers a more connected feel to the wave face, with added forward drive and projection.

The quad set-up will also feel very smooth down-the-line while encouraging a longer turn on the open face. The Hypto Krypto continues to be the most versatile shape in the Haydenshapes range, and the 5 fin set-up gives the rider even more options.