Gnu - Finest 2023

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Artikkelkode 22SN012-NONE
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Egenskaper Freestyle | Leken | Lettkjørt
Brettdesign C2X - Hybrid
Flex 5.5-6.5/10
Kjerne Aspen/Paulownia II/III - Lightest, strong and poppy
Laminat Tri-Ax | Bi-Ax Fiber: Strong and Poppy
Overside ECO Sublimated Poly Top: Tough and Envirmentaly Nice
Såle Eco Sublimated Sintered Base: Fast, tough and holds wax
Stålkanter Magne-Traction©

The Finest Gnu ever made! Max’s ASYM C2x freestyle stick has been fine tuned in pursuit of freestyle progression and perfection. Guaranteed to add depth to your park performance and freestyle freedom to your deep snow game. Grab your crew, feed the animals and go boardin! Absolute control in all terrain is built in.

  • Max Warbington’s fine tuned “can do” snowboard
  • Freestyle’s all terrain with the crew
  • Max’s art eco-sublimated on top and into a rugged sintered base

Art: Max Warbington @69max420