Gnu - Chromatic 2023

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Artikkelkode 22SN015-NONE
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Egenskaper Lettkjørt | Leken | Flyt
Brettdesign Original Banana© (Hybrid/Rocker)
Flex 4.5-5.5/10
Kjerne Aspen/Paulownia I: FSC Certified, Light, Strong and Poppy
Laminat Tri-Ax | Bi-Ax Fiber: Strong and Poppy
Overside ECO Sublimated Poly Top: Tough and Envirmentaly Nice
Såle ECO Sublimated Co-Ex: Fast, Tough and Easy to Maintain
Stålkanter Magne-Traction©

The Chromatic gracefully blurs the lines between freestyle and freeride. It carves circles around the competition, floats in pow, and encourages progression with the Original Banana rocker/camber hybrid contour and Magne-Traction®. Advanced geometries, an all mountain directional shape, and artwork that brings the magic of the mountains to life, rainbow glow and all.

  • Easy riding, playful progression stick
  • Ready for fun on the whole mountain
  • Magne-Traction® for predictable edge control

Art: Corinne Weidmann @iunatinta