Gnu - B-Nice 2023

NOK 4.999,00
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Artikkelkode 22SN017-NONE
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Egenskaper Lettkjørt | Leken | Flyt
Brettdesign Original Banana© (Hybrid/Rocker)
Flex 4-6/10
Kjerne Aspen/Paulownia I/II - Light, strong and poppy
Laminat Tri-Ax | Bi-Ax Fiber
Overside ECO Sublimated Poly Top: Tough and Envirmentaly Nice
Såle Eco-Sublimated Co-Ex: Fast Tough and Easy to Maintain
Stålkanter Magne-Traction©

For nice days, with nice friends, riding nice terrain, The B-Nice is a twin all mountain board with an approachable shape, softer flex, and our Original Banana Hybrid contour for catch-free progression. Even if your friends aren’t nice or the terrain is hammered, the B-Nice will smooth out any drama and make your day a little more playful. Magne-Traction® adds predictable edge-control to the long list of this board’s niceties. A lot of tech for a nice price, the B-Nice lives up to its name.

  • Nice and easy riding twin
  • Freestyle progression on the whole mountain
  • Magne-Traction® for enhanced edge control

Art: Amber Vittoria @amber_vittoria