Gerry Lopez - Midway - 7’6 - FCS2 - 52L

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Artikkelkode SH-GLFP-MS0706
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Merke Gerry Lopez
Modell Midway
Lengde 7'2"
Volum 52,9L
Mål 22" x 2,9"
Konstruksjon PU
Finne set-up 1+2-Fins - FCSII/UsBox

The Midway/Fusion Poly is a high performance mid-length designed for old style riding or modern day maneuvers, whatever one's pleasure happens to be. The Midway has a fuller nose to maximize paddling while still having rails, edges, bottom rocker and foil to make it fast, steady, positive and maneuverable in almost any wave situation. The 2+1 setup gives many fin options so you can dial in performance dependent on the waves. 

***Fins not included