Firewire - Omni - 5'6 - 29,4L - LFT - FCS2

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Artikkelkode LOMN-LFT/B - 506-3-4WH
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Firewire Firewire - Omni - 5'6 -  29,4L - LFT - FCS2
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Firewire Firewire - Omni - 5'6 -  29,4L - LFT - FCS2
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Firewire Firewire - Omni - 5'6 -  29,4L - LFT - FCS2
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Firewire Firewire - Omni - 5'6 -  29,4L - LFT - FCS2
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Merke Firewire • Tomo
Modell Omni
Lengde 5'6
Volum 29,4 L
Mål 5'6" • 19 3/8" • 2 7/16"
Konstruksjon Linear Flex Technology
Finne set-up FCS II - Thruster/Quad

Tomo and Kelly have created the playful yet profound Firewire Surfboards Omni LFT Surfboard to take away the everyday boredom and open up the limit of possibilities in waves that are under head high. Using Tomo's modern planing hull designs, the blunt shape nose and pulled in round tail result in a fast board that tucks nicely into the wave and is easy to pivot through turns. Under the foot of a knowledgeable surfer the Omni allows for extreme front foot agility, insane speed and tight hacks off the lip.

Not so much a groveler but good in small, well shaped waves, the Slater Designs Omni Surfboard is a soft, flowing shape fitted with a quad inside single concave and a straight rail toward the nose. Fitted with a dual carbon stringer reinforcement and a 5 fin configuration, the Omni is a durable and versatile performer with advanced materials and modern function.