Firewire - Gamma - 5'8 - 24,2L - HE - FCS2

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Artikkelkode HGMA-HE - FCS2-5'8
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Merke Firewire
Modell Gamma
Lengde 5'8
Volum 24,2 L
Mål 5'8" • 19 1/8" • 2 7/16"
Konstruksjon Helium Technology
Finne set-up FCS II - Thruster/Quad


5 fin setup (can be ridden as a 5/4/3)

Incredible all round short board

Kelly Slaters 2017 utility short board

Single concave bottom and slight vee behind back fin

Extremely fast board and super drivey

Vee out the back allows for quick rail to rail transitions

Medium rocker with medium to slightly pinched rail

Distinct hip on the Gamma gives it a tighter turning radius, allowing it to be ridden in a shorter wider set of dims

Suited to variety of conditions

CONSTRUCTION: Helium Technology

Helium blanks are shaped from the lightest EPS foam core available, just 360 grams, and have special rails crafted especially for Helium boards made from Paulownia wood, which is a very light, fine-grained and warp resistant hardwood, and Balsa, another fast-growing, lightweight, and light-coloured wood. The top and bottom deck are wrapped in sandwich cloth and wrapped in a high-density aerospace composite material is used for the decksin. Using entropy bio-resin throughout, which replaces petro-chemicals with bio-based materials for an environmentally friendly epoxy.