FCS - 2Fin (Side Fin Set) - 3DS Large (75 - 90Kg)

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The FCS 3D Red Tip Large fin was designed with a unique tip in PC construction to maintain speed over dead sections, drive through turns and add stability in turbulent waters. Performing better than a standard thruster set, the Red Tip was designed to run parallel to your board, giving you extra lift, stability, and balance in choppy waters.

“This fin has heaps of drive and is more stable at high speed”, says Gary Elkerton, three-time Masters world champion.

The 3DS series is an amazing development is SUP surfing. These uniquely shaped finds dramatically increase speed and flow, whole promoting tighter, smoother turns.The 3DS Large can be used as sides or as quad rears, and when paired with the 3D Red Tip in the center provides remarkable speed and low drag.