Fanatic - 82L Grip TE (58/224cm)

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Artikkelnummer:: 13800-1001_Pakke

Like greit å få wavepakka på stell. Når du først er i den bølgen du har jaktet på og alt er perfekt fra naturens side - ja da er det naturlig å bruke utstyr som er perfekt til formålet.

Terje Tuft og Fritjof Opsal på Grip & SuperHero på Lista 2018

Fritter´n & Terje koser seg med årets wavepakke i typiske Lista bølger, ja på Lista utenfor Farsund. Foto: Otto Motzke 31Oktober 2018.

Terje Tuft viser hva Grip er.

"En god bottomturn er starten på alt godt" i følge Terje Tuft. Det har han rett i der han lader opp i svingen med Fanatic Grip 82 & NorthSails SuperHero akkurat som denne pakka presentert her. 

GRIP TE The Grip is our new all-in-one wave weapon. The favourite board of World Champion Victor Fernandez, you’re going to love this red hot performance stick too. Set your Grip and rip! PWA Wave World Champion Victor Fernandez sealed the deal in 2016 with the exact same shape of the new Grip under his feet. His impressive sailing in the Canary Islands, North Sea and Maui saw him deliver the goods in everything from onshore, to down-the-line conditions. Finely tuned over a period of over two years, the Grip has the planing power of our previous TriWave and turning capabilities beyond the 2017 Quad. Customise the amount of grip you want through your fins. The small 68 comes with a grippy and controlled Quad setup. The floaty 99 has a loose and early planing Thruster set. The 3 medium sizes are equipped with the adaptable 5 Box feature, giving you the freedom to setup your Grip however you like. From back to front foot riding, intermediate to World Champ level, the carefree and intuitive Grip is designed to follow your lead. GRIP VS. STUBBY Compared to the Stubby, the Grip has a more classic looking outline of a modern performance wave shape. While the Stubby rides a little more back-footed on the very wide tail, offering heaps of guidance and stability through the parallel rails, the tail of the Grip is drawn in, which allows to dig deep into the pocket of the wave. The ride on the Grip is more reactive and sporty, with a higher degree of torque. This opens up endless possibilities once the quality of conditions and your level increases. That said, its adaptability, ease of use and planing power also cater to intermediate wave sailors and less than ideal conditions.

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