Fanatic "10''x30'' Stylemaster" 19999Kr

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Artikkelnummer:: 13600-1116_10''x30''
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Super thin surfing style rails for full bite in the turns and on the face of the wave Thin, slightly domed Longboard style deck Wide nose for a pure noseriding experience Classic smooth Longboard rocker and outline Single concave entry transitioning into double concave / V bottom for super early catching and a smooth glide Longboard style 2 + 1 (sidebites plus Single Fin setup) Stylemaster 10'0'' x 30" Volume 135 l Width 30” / 76.2 cm Length 10’0” / 304.8 cm Weight* TBA Recommended User Weight 55-85 kg Fittings 1 × Stylemaster 8” US Center Fin, 2 x Stylemaster 3.5" Futures Side Bites; Honeycomb RTM
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