Fanatic - Falcon Slalom TE - 115

NOK 32.999,00
Artikkelnummer:: 13200-1015-115-A
Tilgjengelighet: Tomt på lager

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The Falcon TE are out & out racing machines, designed with only one purpose in mind: putting you on the top of the podium.

To achieve this requires blistering acceleration; warp speed in total control, and the ability to gybe with 100% focus on the mark and zero focus on the board. Our R&D team has worked tirelessly; testing, tweaking and tuning every mm of the Falcon TE to make sure they leave all other boards in their wake.

This year we complete our update of the range with all new 80, 90 and 97l models, concentrating on maximum control in rough water, and better acceleration coming out of gybes. The boards are slightly narrower overall, which – combined with more parallel rails – also improved gybing and better upwind glide.

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