Fanatic - 108L JAG (69cm) Choco Fin 38cm

NOK 19.999,00
Artikkelnummer:: 13900-1003-108
Tilgjengelighet: Tomt på lager

Racerbrettet for menigmann! Har farta til racingbrettene, men du slipper all bakdelene et slalombrett til regattabruk byr på. Litt mer "slalom" enn Blast, dvs. litt breiere og flatere så den holder større rigger. Dyp Tuttle box Foil klar så er det Lettvindsrakettt med komfort både med og uten foil er dette et superdupert valg. Levering fra Juli 2018 Drawing inspiration from last season´s most successful models - the Stubby and lightning fast Falcon - the Blast does exactly what it says on the tin. A hot new addition to the line up, it represents everything that got us hooked on windsurfing in the first place. Get ready to have a Blast!Taking the parallel rail concept further has proven to be exceptionally beneficial in early planing performance, control and ease of use. Having tested a variety of different shapes, it turned out that the concept initially introduced by our Wave department to create the Stubby, would be the spice needed in designing the ultimate Freeride machine with extra power. Similar to the new FreeWave Stubby, the Blast blew everyone’s mind during the R&D process so you can only imagine how good the final product is. Available in three sizes (100, 115 & 130) and two constructions – the elite TeXtreme® Biax Carbon (TXTR/BXC) and our Biax Fibre / Full PVC Sandwich Technology (BXF) – it’s never been so easy to have the Blast of your life!

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