EQ - Ear Plugs - Øreplugger

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Artikkelnummer:: EQ-BP
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Kaldt vann i øret er noe dritt. Hold det unna med disse utmerkede pluggene. Øreplugger med Sympatex membran, forhindrer at du utvikler surfers ear. Ear plugs for surfers

Ear plugs, innovative design with a medical silicone membrane. Breathable and waterproof Sympatex® membrane maintains the hearing and balance capacities of the user. The EQ EAR PLUGS were developed under medical supervision by ENT surgeons and engineers (received the EUROSIMA Technological award in 2010) Ear Plugs made in Spain 100% waterproof + windproof. 300% elasticity Optimal breathability. Insert the ear plug into the applicator. Hold the applicator between your fore-finger and thumb. To make its introduction easier, pull the ear backwards. Press both the ear plug and the applicator between your fingers, holding firmly, and insert gently into the ear canal. Do not force. Pull out the applicator and put it back inside the tube. The ear plugs must be worn in a clean and healthy ear Do not use the EQ EARPLUGS at over 3 meters deep

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