Easy-Uphaul opphalerline med trapesfeste.

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Artikkelnummer:: TEK11890
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Synes du riggen er vrien å få opp av vannet. Da skal du kjøpe deg en Easy-Uphaul. The Easy-Uphaul has revolutionized the sport of windsurfing! Now in use by the U.S. Olympic Windsurfing Team, the Easy-Uphaul allows for longer, safer sailing because you don't get tired from uphauling the sail! Site Highlights: To quickly see photos of how it works, visit the 1-2-3 Sail page. The EASY-UPHAUL has Advantages for every level of windsurfer. See what it can do for YOU in the Advantages section. See why the EASY-UPHAUL is the best uphaul on the planet on the Features page. Read what some of the top windsurfers in the world have to say about the EASY-UPHAUL on the Reviews pages. Find out everything you need to know to get the most out of the EASY-UPHAUL on the Rigging page.
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