DuoTone - Uphaul Select - S (Seil 6,5 og nedover)

NOK 299,00
Artikkelnummer:: 14200-8009-S
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Completely new, extremely pleasant to grip uphaul. Instead of the usual webbing tube plus rubber cord construction we use a high-tech webbing tube including woven elastomers. This high-tech stretch material stays in shape and is aerodynamically far better than classic uphauls. 2 DIFFERENT LENGTHS TO ACCOUNT FOR THE TREMENDOUS RANGE OF DIFFERENT BOOM POSITIONS WE OFFER 2 LENGTHS: - S FOR SAILS 6.5 AND DOWN - L FOR SAILS 6.0 AND UP ADJUSTABLE ON BOTH ENDS - GUARANTEES IDEAL FIT (UPHAUL SHOULD JUST BE TIGHT WITHOUT BEING PRE-STRETCHED) TO ENSURE PERFECT LEVER RATIOS - BUNGEE LOOP AT THE BOTTOM CAN EASILY BE REPLACED (INSTEAD OF BECOMING A WRITE-OFF) DYNEEMA ROPE DYNEEMA ROPE AT THE UPPER END VIRTUALLY ELIMINATES WEAR AND TEAR
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