Duotone - Super Session - 4,4 - Sail

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Artikkelnummer:: 14900-1207-Sail-4,4
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Nederst på siden finner du tre pakkeløsninger vi anbefaler. "Bra, Bedre og Best". Vi velger korrekt størrelse og dimensjon på mast, forlenger og bom for deg. Deretter følger vi opp med noen kontrollspørsmål etter din bestilling, for å sjekke at alt blir perfekt.


Freewave boards are amongst the best selling on the market. The SUPER SESSION has been developed specifically for this category. It combines easy handling with a surprisingly immediate riding feel, giving the rider absolute control and confidence in all situations. With the SUPER SESSION, even the more brutal wind and wave conditions can be handled with confidence.

• Freewave and Bump&Jump have everything that makes windsurfing so fascinating. This explains why this class is so popular. SUPER SESSION is the perfect sail for this, covering the wide range between flat water to waves. A power wave design with planing potential, speed and outstanding control. Rapid strokes, smooth jumps and full-throttle turns flow seamlessly into one another, whetting the rider’s appetite for endless SUPER SESSIONs.

• Acceleration, draft position stability and handling are what sets the balanced, five-batten design from the competition. Because the draft position is further forward, the riding feel is more responsive and the profile remains stable even when the wind picks up. This is supported by the HOLLOW LOWER LEECH, preventing leech flutter and guaranteeing confident rig control. All this makes the SUPER SESSION a versatile, competitive Bump&Jump craft, especially under high winds and choppy conditions.


• All SUPER SESSIONs are also available in the monofilm-free HD design. However, the extremely hard wearing mix of materials has its price, which we will of course make clear.


Sizes 4.0 4.4 4.8 5.2 5.6 6.0 6.4
Boom Max 152 158 165 171 176 179 186
Luff Max 382 398 413 434 441 456 466
Vario Top -- -- -- --
Battens 5 5 5 5 5 5 5
Weight (kg) 3.00 3.20 3.40 3.60 3.80 4.00 4.20
Mast Length 370/400 370/400 400/430 400/430 430 430 430
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