Duotone - Silver 70

NOK 4.699,00
Artikkelnummer:: 14900-1600-0-SDM/RDM-WEB
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OUR BESTSELLER - NOT WITHOUT A REASON • 70% carbon content for a highly balanced price/performance ratio. All SILVER.70 masts boast a strikingly impressive overall performance and low weight, which is only achieved through the use of the highest-quality carbon and processing using the sophisticated AEROSPACE PREPREG TECHNOLOGY. All RDM versions are technologically the finest needle masts with the dynamic advantages afforded by its slim shape (RDM adapter not included). The white POLY.SHIELD coating of the base prevents any scratches or potential wear, in addition to thermal overload. And additional windings near the boom prevent any kind of slippage. Provided you registered straight after purchase, we offer a two-year unlimited warranty, otherwise only statutory claims will be possible. • OFFERING THE BEST PRICE PERFORMANCE RATIO FOR STRONG OVERALL PERFOMANCE • 70% CARBON CONTENT • T700 CARBON QUALITY • SENTEX™ RESIN QUALITY • NATURAL WHITE POLYAMIDE OUTSIDE PROTECTION (SDM - BASE ONLY) • DUOTONE OFFERS AN UNCONDITIONAL 2-YEAR WARRANTY WHEN REGISTERED ONLINE

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