Duotone - iRIG One

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Artikkelkode 14200-1900_M
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XS: opp til 6år

S: 120-145cm

M: 140-180

L: 175-200

The weight of the complete rig (including mast base) equals a 1,5 litre water bottle! The iRIG comes in a small backpack completely eliminating the transportation and storage problem. This means convenient transportation in a small city car or even by bike – plus the storage at home takes no space. The iRIG is 70% lighter than a traditional Windsurf rig. It’s a common misbelief that it just depends on the size and stability of the board to avoid falling into the water. Yes a stable board helps keeping the balance of your legs. A heavy traditional rig (if not constantly kept in its balanced position) though generates a lot of leverage which literally lifts or pushes the rider out of position (ending up in the water). And even the biggest board won’t be able to avoid that. So the only solution to an instant learning success without falling into the water is a stable board in combination with the unbeatable low weight of the iRIG. On top the feather-light weight and the ability to float onto the water make starting a piece of case as you can literally lift the iRIG out of the water with just two fingers. VERY SECURE Since the iRIG is not only ultra light but also comes without any hard materials, the risk of injury is reduced dramatically. As well you don’t have to fear drifting off wind anymore. Since the whole rig floats on the water without any additional water resistance even paddling back home means no extra effort. Attention: to avoid drifting off wind your board should have a center-fin or a dagger-board. If your board does not include this feature please check our Add-On Driftstopper. 

En ny revolusjon er under oppseiling. Nå kan alle lære å seile intuitivt og uten instruksjon. Den oppblåsbare riggen (altså seil,mast,bom, mastefot) veier ca en kilo, blåses opp på 2 minutter og har håndtak som tvinger selv den minst lærevillige til å krysse att og fram med en gang. Super på alle typer brett. Genial til all seiling i ikke planende forhold. Sammen med en Strap-on (mobilt kjølsystem som kan festes på alle brett uten kjøl) er dette løsningen på all startvansker for en windsurfer (tileggsutstyr). Riggen er ikke særlig effektiv når den blir overbelastet, så når teknikken er på plass, koden for å seile i plan er knekket, da skal du skaffe deg en konvensjonell windsurfingrigg. Genial å ta med på SUPbrett med windsurfingfeste. Når moder jord velger å blåse deg bort, kan du «ta igjen» blåse opp seilet ditt og seile videre på turen. Pumpe følger ikke med (mange har jo det, mye kan brukes), Har du ikke pumpe bør du bestille en kitepumpe samtidig. - Super light weight with around 1,5 kg for very easy learning with instant success and for a very comfortable transport - Fixed handle positions avoiding wrong positioning of your hands facilitates the learning process enormously - Completely inflatable construction without hard materials reduces effort for rigging up tremendously (Pump&Go within 100 seconds) and gets risk for injuries nearly down to zero - “A3-size” packing dimensions achieved through inflatable Kite-technology very easy transport and storage - Unlike traditional Windsurf rigs the iRIG floats onto the water very easy uphauling and a relaxed paddeling home without drag in case of drifting too far away - Super simple sizing with Small / Medium / Large (the correct size depends solely on your body height) makes it a no brainer to choose the right size.