Duotone - Power XT 2.0

NOK 1.899,00
Artikkelnummer:: 14900-7304-WEB/RDM/SDM
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Gjør rigging til en lek! Plutselig kan du også justere nedhal på vannet! Advantages when setting up the sail: → Faster rigging: attach rope-loop – pull on standard-cleat – ratchet, ready! → Significantly less power required (power ratio approx. 1/60) → No need for trimming tools (e.g. “easy-rig“ or harness hook) Advantages on the water: → Adjustments can be made even on the water, increasing as well as releasing (e.g. when the wind speed changes) → Increased safety → Sail performance and wind range are exploited to the full New: benefits during de-rigging: Thanks to RAPID.RELEASE the sail-tension can be instantly released. Due to the modified position of the standard cleat, just place one foot on the extension and pull the rope with a short jerk out of the standard cleat - done. Now compatible with all sail brands The brand-new POWER.XT features a stainless-steel open pulley enabling loop-loop-go rigging - the fastest and most comfortable way to rig your sail! The Power.XT 2.0 is now the first choice even for sails with twisted tack-rollers (e.g. Loft, Naish, Severne). Yet their rope distribution has been taken into account during construction. On these sails though the rope needs to be threaded.
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