Duotone - Gold 90

NOK 6.999,00
Artikkelnummer:: 14900-1601-0-SDM
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THE HIGH END MAST RANGE NOW WITH 90% CARBON • More carbon, better performance, higher load reserves! Made from 90% high-tech T700 carbon, the GOLD.90 is manufactured to the state-of-the-art prepreg design and, apart from the slightly lower carbon content, is technologically identical to the PLATINUM. The excellent dynamics and balanced bend curve make the GOLD.90 the most lightweight and highest performing mast in its class. As the more affordable version of the PLATINUM, it is a high-end mast for all ranges of use which is very light and yet astonishingly durable. And on that you have our word – backed up by an unlimited two-year warranty.* • 90% CARBON • T700 CARBON QUALITY • SENTEX™ RESIN QUALITY • NATURAL WHITE POLYAMIDE OUTSIDE PROTECTION (SDM) • COMES WITH PADDED MAST BAG • DUOTONE OFFERS AN UNCONDITIONAL 2-YEAR WARRANTY WHEN REGISTERED ONLINE

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