Duotone Foil Wing Echo 4m2 (kun winge)

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Artikkelnummer:: 44200-3518-4
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A high-performance wing for powered riding in all conditions, perfect for freeriding, waves, light wind and freestyle! The Duotone Echo is the evolution of our first foil wing, which took the market by storm last year. Outselling many other brands, the dynamic concept featured a boom, window and battens offering a superior experience. For 2020 our design team have worked hard to enhance your feelings on the water and above it! In all soft profiles the position of maximum draft moves towards the trailing edge under load, which causes a change of the profile and results in a loss of handling and performance. Therefor the new draft control system on the Echo helps to stabilize the draft position without the need of stiff and heavy battens, by taking advantage of the ridge boom structure. This leads to maximum performance and smooth handling even in strong and gusty conditions. The leading edge has been stiffened to create a more rigid framework; this improves the wings jumping abilities, but also offers more control at speed and in powered conditions. Canopy tension has been increased, and the leech has been tuned as well. These improvements help airflow and reduce drag, giving the wing a better wind range and making it more stable when riding waves. A new boom utilises an oval grip, making it more comfortable in the hands - and the strength has been increased too. The leading edge bladder has also been reinforced to make it even more durable, and finally, there are now six sizes in the range. If you want the highest performing, most technologically advanced wing on the market, grab the Echo, nothing else comes close.

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