Duotone - Foil 105cm Daytona

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Artikkelnummer:: 44900-3509
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Light weight, rigidity and an absolute eye catcher, but even more important: incredible performance and accessibility - all that is the Daytona. Thanks to the long 105 cm full carbon mast, the Daytona allows to be pushed hard, as well upwind and downwind and even in choppy conditions. Enjoy the rigidity and low drag of the single piece glider and accelerate to speeds up to 35 knots - or more if you can hold your nerves! Compared to a full race foil, the Daytona has been designed to compromise some of the very top end speed, in favor of more control. The Daytona is the perfect choice for all foilers looking for high average speed with loads of control, which at the end of the day makes you also even faster around a race course! LIGHT WEIGHT 2 PIECE CONCEPT OF FULL CARBON MAST AND GLIDER A FULL CARBON MAST AND A ONE PIECE GLIDER ARE THE TWO ONLY PIECES OF THE FOIL, ELIMINATING VIBRATIONS TO A MINIMUM. OUTSTANDING STABILITY AND CONTROL EVEN AT HIGH SPEEDS, THE STABILITY AND CONTROL OF THE DAYTONA IS INCREDIBLE. HIGH UPWIND AND DEEP DOWNWIND ANGLES ONCE ON THE RACECOURSE, UPWIND AND DOWNWIND ANGLES ARE IMPRESSIVE. HIGHEST ASPECT RATIO WING DESIGN BEST TOP END IS GUARANTEED BY A HIGH ASPECT RATIO WING DESIGN. PREMIUM PREPREG CARBON CONSTRUCTION THE BEST MATERIAL AVAILABLE TO ACHIEVE THE BEST PRODUCT. LONG 105 CM CARBON MAST THE LONG 105CM MAST ALLOWS HUGE LEANING ANGLES GOING UPWIND.
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