Duotone - 4'6 Pace

Artikkelnummer:: 44900-3450-46
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The new Duotone Pace is an all-round foil board that comes in three sizes - 4’3”, 4’6”, 4’10”. It has a convex bottom shape, especially in the nose area, which helps prevent sticking during touch downs and helps prevent the rails catching in the chop while riding upwind. The wide nose offers maximum surface area and volume under the front foot to prevent nose diving and makes it easy to get started in light wind. The Pace can be ridden with one, two, or three foot straps and has a track foil mount. A great board for smooth and easy freeriding! PERFORMANCE FEATURES + GREAT ALL-ROUND FREERIDE FOIL BOARD + CONVEX BOTTOM SHAPE WITH A LOT OF VOLUME IN THE FRONT FOR A SMOOTH RIDE + WIDE SURFACE AREA AND A LOT OF VOLUME TO PREVENT NOSE DIVES AND TO GET STARTED IN LIGHT WIND EASILY TECHNICAL DETAILS + THREE AVAILABLE SIZES + SEVERAL FOOT STRAP OPTIONS + TRACK FOIL MOUNT SIZES 4′10′′ × 181⁄2′′ × 21⁄2′′ - 28.94L 4′6′′ × 181⁄8′′ × 23⁄8′′ - 24.86L 4′3′′ × 175⁄8′′ × 21⁄4′′ - 21.35L 3 FOOT STRAPS INCLUDED
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