Deeluxe - Ray Lara (CF), Brown, 40-255-7,5

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Artikkelnummer:: 571572-2000-Brown-40-255-7,5N
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Performance Rate: 5 • Flex Rate: 3 • Although the Ray Lara is at home on the runway, it prefers the slopes. With its classic styling and sophisticated features, this flagship boot blends beauty and performance. This boot is perfect for making turn and turning heads. • Dupont Surlyn® Highback - This highback contributes to the durability and stability of the boot. Combined with additional reinforcements, the highback also aids in dictating its stiffness. • Pro Flex - This construction is designed to meet the needs of freestylers who demand premium performance. The design provides the perfect blend of flex and stability. Defined flex zones in the boot’s joint area offer maximum support and eliminate bulging. • Conweb Outsole - The Conweb Outsole features a multi-dimensional hexagonal tread. This offers a secure hold in every direction and enhances feel at the boot-board interface. An integrated nylon shank provides torsion control by translating forces throughout the sole and stabilizing it. The Conweb provides the perfect mixture of cushion, contact, and control. • Section Control Lacing Single - A single handle and lace make the SCL Single especially fast, efficient, and easy to operate. Pulling on the lace handle allows you to tighten the boot to your personal preference. Thanks to the crossing of the laces in the boot’s instep area, the SCL single provides optimal heel hold. • Powerstrap - By securing the calf in place, the Powerstrap adds additional support to a boot’s lacing _system.
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