Dinosaurd Will Die - Biloq - 2021 - 157

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Stand up for the things you believe in… and if you believe in one freestylin’ stick for every occasion, the Bilocq board leaves little to argue about. It gets down and dirty in any situation you stick it in and thrives when put to the test. The extra muscle of Lowrider camber has boon added to the Bilocq this season.

Rider // @BenBilocq
Artist // @SeanGenovese

- Goldie camber: “Ah, this camber is just right,” says everyone that ever rides this camber. It’s flat from tip to tail, letting you take control of every situation and still never lacking the liveliness you need for pop, or to bury the tail when you’re throwing buckets of pow over head.

- SINtered base: A strong, high density base with micro pores that hold wax. It’s finished with a structured texture that helps disperse water and slide fast when regularly waxed.

- Elliptical sidecut: A blend of multiple radius from tip to tail that contours to the mountain, helping initiate turns and power out of them.

- D-Twin: A longer nose than tail, with sidecut and insert packs that are centered between the contact points.

- Flex = 4
The DWD flex rating is on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being the softest and 10 being the stiffest. The rating for each is in comparison to the rest of the DWD collection.